Are you really ready to wake up somewhere new away from everyone else? We hear you loud and clear dear reader! After recent world events, the idea of a long vacation in what some refer to as a “self-catering” cottage on the Cornish coast might sound quite appealing to travelers looking for some rest and relaxation somewhere away from the stereotypical tourist trade.

Cornwall is known as a “ceremonial county” and a Celtic nation nestled in South West England. It is part of Great Britain’s Southwest Peninsula. It is bordered to the south by the English Channel and to the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean.

Veteran visitors to the Cornish coast can confirm that Cornwall offers travelers both breathtaking scenery and nigh unforgettable views. It includes an impressive expansive coastline and crystal clear waters. Are you ready to wake up to some awe-inspiring vistas for a change? If so, then prepare to enjoy 10 of the greatest views to wake up to on the Cornish coast.

Views To Wake Up To On The Cornish Coast

1.  Lowenna View in Marazion

You will find lovely Lowenna View pleasantly perched above the civil parish of Marazion on the shining shore of Mount’s Bay. This artistic, ancient charter town is approximately 3.2 kilometers east of popular Penzance and is part of the Cornwall AONB or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Lowenna View is an expansive, aptly named two-bedroom apartment that spans the entire first floor of the property. It reportedly provides guests with stunning, picture-perfect views across well-known Mount’s Bay and beyond from each room.
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