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Whether you’re looking for great ways to wind down your summer, still haven’t enough sun and fun, or are wondering what to do next summer, we understand. We are here to help. So, without further ado, here are 35 ultimate summer bucket list ideas.

35 Ultimate Summer Bucket List Ideas 

1.  Kick Back at The Beach

If you live near the beach you might take this one for granted. (How many residents of NYC never visit the Empire State Building?) Still, a relaxing day or two on the beach and a dip in the ocean can do wonders. Just don’t forget your shades and sunscreen!

2.  Take a Road Trip

Check your tires, oil, and A/C. Summer road trips can be great fun! There’s no snow and you can hit all the attractions and watering holes along the way. Just make your plans and do your homework before you go. Experience the country close-up and don’t forget the tunes!  

3.  Get Back to Nature and go Camping

Get outside while you still can! Commune with nature. Whether you choose tent camping, renting a cabin, or even something rougher like high adventure camping now is the time to do it. If you’ve never been camping, be sure you pack all the essentials so you enjoy yourself.

4.  Hit the Hiking Trail

Hiking is reported to be one of the most popular outdoor activities of any summer. Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy nature. You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran either. There are hiking trails of varying lengths and levels of difficulty as well. So get a buddy, pack the 10 essentials, and hit the trail! 

5.  Make a Big Splash at Your Local Swimming Pool

Look, if you don’t have your swimsuit body by now, just let it go and have some fun while you still can. If you live in one of the many places near a beach or are too afraid of sharks and jellyfish, cool off at your local swimming pool.   

6.  Enjoy a Summer Festival

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Another fun fact about summer is that it is the season when people can enjoy a number of different festivals. Whether it is art, music, films, or something else, summer weather is perfect for this type of event. So check out the local community calendars and which festivals are still scheduled to take place this summer.  

7.  Let Your Inner Child Roam Free at a Theme Park

Give yourself a break from adulting and let your inner child cut loose at an exciting theme park. Ride the rollercoaster, suck down some soda, and cram cotton candy down your gullet. Go have some fun! You deserve a break today! 

8.  Go Have an Old-Fashioned Picnic

Another simple but pleasurable activity for the summer is going for a simple, old-fashioned picnic. This family-friendly activity doesn’t require too much more than a picnic basket full of favorite foods and a comfy picnic blanket should you choose to picnic somewhere without picnic tables. Ditch the kids and throw in a bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses and make it a romantic outdoor date.

9.  Visit an Aquarium

Here’s a summer activity that could be incorporated into your road trip idea. It is both a fun and educational way to experience aquatic life (without getting wet). What’s more, several aquariums even have various festivals during the summer which can make your visit even more fun.

10.  Shop ‘til You Drop at Summer Sales

OK, this one is more for shopaholics and those in relationships with them. Experts report that most countries actually have official summer sales going on in multiple places. This is the perfect time to buy something you’ve been wanting to buy for a long time but could not previously afford. You could even get a head start on your holiday shopping to boot.

11.  Visit a Great National Park

While you might have to plan the time of your visit to avoid the tourist rush, the fact is that there is something about visiting a national park in summer that is hard to beat. Keep in mind, there are a lot more national parks than most people know, and no matter where you go, there is always something to do.

12.  See Sea Creatures Under The Sea

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In other words, go snorkeling. This is definitely a summer activity or certainly one best enjoyed in warmer climates. It is a great way to get some exercise, cool off, and learn about exceptional underwater species.

13.  “Surf’s Up!”

Hang 10! Learn How to Surf! (Who doesn’t want to be as cool as Greg Brady, right?) 

While some enjoy this water sport all year long, the summer is certainly the best time to actually learn how to surf.  You will discover many places open in the summer that will be happy to instruct you. Challenge yourself!

14.  See a Beautiful Sunset

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to comfortably enjoy a striking sunset outdoors. In fact, you might be able to find some great places to watch the sun set in your own neighborhood. Take in the memorable beauty of watching the sun vanish into a melding mix of nigh magical colors.

15.  Go Pick Strawberries

Everyone loves strawberries (unless you’re allergic, of course). Rather than simply buying them from a local grocery store, turn it into a fun activity. Go to a farm and pick them yourself. It’s not only enjoyable but educational too . . .and more importantly, delicious. (Don’t forget to wash them first!)  

16.  Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort

If you’ve been working all summer, then it is time to relax and be good to yourself. Why not let people wait on you for a change? Check into an all-inclusive resort and be pampered a bit. Here you can kick it by the pool or beachside and enjoy a cold cocktail.

17.  Take a Wine Tasting Tour

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Get Tipsy! No need to whine about this summer suggestion! If you really like wine, a wine tasting tour is about as fun as it gets. Just be sure that you’re not the one doing the driving.

18.  Visit a Vineyard

If you can’t take a wine tasting at a wine cellar or bar, there is another option. (In fact, even if you take a wine tasting tour, you still might want to consider this.) Visit a local vineyard. There you can not only sample different wines but you can learn a little bit about the wine-making process too.

19.  Go Water Skiing

As you know, participating in water sports fairly screams summertime. Water skiing is certainly one water sport worth trying provided you can swim, of course. So grab your swimsuit, waterproof sunscreen, and give it a try. (Don’t forget your life vest!) 

20.  Have a Barbecue and Invite Guests

Sure, some people can barbecue almost any time of the year. Nevertheless, it certainly isn’t summer without the scent of a working grill, is it? No! So stock up on cold drinks, beer, and grillable grub and invite friends and family over for a great summer meal.

21.  Check into a Cozy Cabin

 Head for the mountains and spend some time in a rustic, cozy cabin. This is yet another opportunity to commune with nature and to simply get away from it all. Additionally, you are in a great place to also engage in other outdoor activities. You can go hiking, bird-watching, rock climbing, and more.

22.  Go on a Biking Trip

In the words of the rock band Queen: “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.”  Riding a bicycle is great exercise and if you plan it right you can see new sights as well. A bike trip doesn’t have to be long either. In fact, beginners should start with short jaunts and work up to longer ones.

23.  Go To The Zoo

Go see some wild animals at your local zoo. If you can’t possibly get away to a national park to look at wild animals, then why not visit your local zoo. It’s not the same as seeing animals in the wilderness, but it’s still a fun, educational summer activity.

24.  Go Kayaking

Kayaking is yet another popular water sport you can add to your summer bucket list. Being on the water can be relaxing and kayaking is often easier than canoeing. Again, don’t forget to wear your life vest!

25.  Get out of Town and go Somewhere new 

It is always fun to get out of the house and go somewhere new. Summer is the best time to do that. This could be incorporated into your road trip. Make a list of places you’d like to see but have yet to visit. Factor in distance, time, and budget and you’ll be good to go.

26.  Splash Down at a Water Park

Not everyone lives near an ocean, lake, or even a regular public pool. However, while the weather is still warm and sunny, you can still cool off at a water park. It’s like combining a couple of the previously mentioned ideas into one as you get to visit a theme park and go swimming too.

27.  I’m Your Ice Cream Man…”

Other than going for a dip somewhere, ice cream has got to be one of the best ways to cool off from the summer heat. Yes, we pretty much do “all scream for ice cream.” It cools you off and fills your tummy too. Don’t stress the calories either because all too soon you’ll be hiding your physical flaws under winter clothing. 

28.  Go Backyard Camping

Afraid of old-fashioned tent camping? Perhaps some of you have medical conditions that make camping unadvisable. Nevertheless, you can still get a feel for camping…your backyard. Set your tent up in your backyard, unroll your sleeping bag, and, if permissible, make a campfire too. 

29.  Visit a Flea Market

At a flea market, you can declutter by selling things you no longer want or pick up some great bargains for yourself. Go online and do a search and you are bound to find flea markets near you.

30.  Tour Your Own Town

If you simply can’t go out of town this summer, have no fear. Try being a tourist in your own town. See all the attractions that residents often take for granted. You might even find places that you never even previously noticed.

31.  Make S’mores Around A Fire Pit

Some people say that summer is not summer if you haven’t built a fire and made some tasty s’mores! You can sit around the fire pit and tell tall tales or otherwise reconnect as you indulge in the melted chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker combo!

32.  “Won’t You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise?”

While some of you may be dreaming of a Caribbean cruise right now, it might not be affordable. No worries. Even if you can’t cruise the Caribbean at present, you can still enjoy a more local cruise and still have some fun on the water without getting wet. Whether it’s a day or an entire week, it’s all good.

33.  “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”

If you’re a big sports fan, then by all means be sure to catch a game! There are a number of different games and other athletic events to go see in the summer. Take your pick!

34.  Go “Glamping”

Look, we know some of you have zero interest in old-school camping. Roughing it isn’t your thing. Nevertheless, you can still spend some time in the great outdoors by going glamping. Glamping is the luxurious version of camping that anyone can enjoy.

35.  Catch a Drive-in Movie

Summertime is the best time to give up your “Netflix and Chill” night and do something different. Get off your couch and go out and catch a drive-in movie. You get to take a little drive, see a movie, and even experience a little old-school romance too.


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