110 Best Secret Beaches in the US

best beaches

The North Shore is world-famous for its big waves and Waikiki gets the press and the people.  But if you’re a beach lover looking for a little sun, surf and tourist-light relaxation, then keep reading!  Regardless of your personal preferences, the USA has a serene, sun-drenched seaside sanctuary to suit your tastes.  Here then, without further adieu, are the 10 best secret beaches in the US.

1. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach can be found in the community of Lanikai, in Kailua.  Many think the name means “heavenly sea” but that is not true.  It is a name created back in the 1920ʻs by Charles Frazier, a developer, who then owned beachfront property in the area that Native Hawaiians call Kaʻōhao.

This neighborhood beach gets a lot less traffic.  In fact, before you go to bask on the beautiful palm tree-bordered white sand, know there is no public parking, no restrooms, and no lifeguards.  Nevertheless, it’s a great spot for a more intimate dip in the ocean.  

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