From swanky private castles to homes that resemble a large airport to swish underground residences, there is just no stopping people from creating larger than life homes that defy anything you’ve read and watched in fiction.
These incredible and jaw dropping gorgeous private mansions of the rich and famous are guaranteed to blow your mind get you thinking about the amazing lives they lead in the confines of their swish abodes. Here’s a list of the world’s most expensive private homes. Breathe easy, we say!

The Water Palace House, Florida

Created by a well-known architect as his private abode, the Water Palace House is a smack in the middle of water, where a lake was dug to be filled with water. The building was built in the center of the pond and it took plenty of effort to fill it with water to lend it a swanky lake residence look. There is a pretty relaxation and recreation area in this artificially built reservoir home. Stunning!



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