10Cape Coral, Florida, U.S.

This Florida city’s man-made 400-mile long canal system is reported to be the longest in the world. The canals were dug sometime in the 1970s and give the place a decidedly unique look.

Additionally, this canal system serves as protection from floods and provides plenty of water for irrigation. Cape Coral also has both saltwater and freshwater lakes.



  1. I all 10, no mention of Germany and it’s many rivers that traverse close to castles. I’ve heard the views are fantastic. Had hoped it would have been included herein, but also, I suppose it did not rate high enough on your scale of the ‘best’. Too bad.

  2. Yea, I liked it, but it doesn’t have a very big canal network. But I certainly beats Birmingham in terms of beauty.

  3. Yanagawa Japan is reknowm for its canals. Yanagawa is popular with Japanese tourists because of its 470 km of wide canals. Yanagawa riverboats, called “donkobune”, are used to take tourists around the city. In 1987 a video documentary was created by Studio Ghibli about these canals and their restoration. Yanagawa is the birthplace of Kitahara Hakushu, a Meiji era poet and writer of children’s songs. An annual three-day festival is held every November in Yanagawa complete with poetry readings, fireworks, music, and a great number of evening boat rides.

  4. Yes, it is a popular place with Japanese tourists. It’s a noteworthy locale and undoubtedly would have made the list had the list been longer. Thanks for your support and your comment!


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