Are you the type of traveler who appreciates architecture? Are you especially interested in mid-century modern homes? Believe it or not, the mid-century modern design became even more popular just last year.

Popularity The once unexpected rise in popularity of this design and architectural style has apparently been assisted by such television series as “Mad Men” and promoted into many homes via such popular retail chains as Target.

The homes here are a diverse mix of styles from both the 1950s and the 1960s in what experts declared to be “a hot real estate market.” There are numerous mid-century jewels on the market from perfect post-and beamers to box-like glass houses at which no one would throw a stone. Whether one’s personal tastes were bold and colorful or more natural and organic, here are 11 interesting mid-century modern quarters currently on the market.

1. Cantilevered house in Oakland, California

This cantilevered home found near San Francisco was designed by architect Joseph Esherick. The AIA Gold Medal winner built the wood-framed, multi-level house high above a sloped site situated in Montclair Hills. It affords all within with breathtaking views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges. The dynamic, 2,391-square-foot building has a near treehouse-like aesthetic to it. It includes balconies, four bedrooms, multiple decks, staircases, and walkways.

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