Everyone dreams of vacationing in Europe. Most people think of all the cities they read about in books, see on television and in the movies. Popular places like Paris, London, and Rome do indeed have their high points and are definitely worth visiting. Nevertheless, these tourist stops are not the only option on the continent.

There are some very underrated cities that actually have a great deal to offer even if they’re not currently on your “must see” list. In this article, we focus on several of Europe’s overlooked locales from Budapest, Hungary to Strasbourg, France. So prior to packing your suitcases and heading elsewhere, consider these seven underrated places.

7. York, England

Yes, when we think of England, our thoughts automatically jump to London. While the capital does have a lot to offer, the country has a lot more to offer including York. Found in North Yorkshire, York is 22 miles northeast of Leeds roughly halfway between Edinburgh and London. This historic walled city was actually founded by the Romans in 71 A.D. The winding streets will take you back through time.

Check out the beautiful architecture of the Gothic cathedral York Minster and Clifford’s Tower. Experience the York Dungeon, the Jorvik Viking Centre, and the York Art Gallery. Then get out your smartphone or digital camera and hike the Selfie Trail. If you’re a foodie with a sweet tooth? Explore the city’s tasty chocolatey, confectionery connection.
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