1Best Winter Escapes in the USA

Looking to get out of the house but can’t afford anything too exotic?  If you’re looking to experience a new American wonderland to explore, then fret no more, dear reader.  Here you’ll find a seasonal trip for any kind of winter wanderer.  Here are the best winter escapes in the USA.

1.  Ride a train ride through Alaska

image courtesy of alaska.org

The popular Alaska Railroad runs from Anchorage to Fairbanks all year.  Hop aboard the warm Aurora Winter Train and see the wild moose and clear blue skies through the train’s large windows.  Stop in Fairbanks and visit the Aurora Ice Museum.  

This is reportedly the largest year-round ice environment on the planet.  It was made with over 1,000 tons of snow.  Put on your free parka and have a drink at the bar.  Spend the night under the glow of the aurora borealis at the Winterlake Lodge.

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