Are you a couple heading for Italy? Are you hoping to make your stay there a romantic getaway? Italy’s lush green hillsides, cobblestoned streets, olive groves, verdant vineyards, and candlelit restaurants can provide just the right inspiration. In no particular order, here are ten of the best destinations for couples in Italy.

1 Kick it in lovely Lake Como

Lake Como is arguably the most romantic place in the entire Italian Lake District. Found near the border of Switzerland, this picturesque place is surrounded by beautiful villages and quaint villas.

If you have some money to burn, by all means, stay in Bellagio.

Bellagio has been the destination of romantic runaways for more than 100 years. Explore the hillsides too. There you will find a number of nice towns. There you can browse the shops, boat on the lake, then dine al fresco in the fresh, lakeside air.

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