School’s out for summer! Hot weather is on the way and people will be looking for a way to keep cool. So without further adieu, here are 14 of the world’s coolest water slides.

Aqualoops, Calypso Park, Canada

Do you feel the need for speed? How’d you like to hit 2.5G of acceleration in under two seconds? Ride the Aqualoops water slide at Calypso Park in Ontario.
It begins shortly after you step into a little cabin where the floor drops out from under you. You fall, feet first (hopefully). Suddenly, you’re riding the loops at the unforgettable speed of 2,5G.

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    Thanks. I think we had some tech trouble and lost a couple pics. We actually lost two of the entries. While I was able to find the text in my original article I think the pics were lost. Hopefully that will be fixed. Thanks again for reading my stuff!

  2. I think women should be informed about danger on the slides, especially slides like these. I’ve never thought something like this is possible, but few days ago I read a lot of comments and few articles saying about it… I will not input link cause I’m afraid I will be seen as some bot. Check it out please

  3. Hi!
    Yes, if you notice, where the experts mention limitations of any kind–mainly young children–I have noted that. As for gender limitations, these days we would probably get called “sexist” for noting something like that lol We don;t think you’re a bot. No worries. Thanks for your support!


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