Nature can be both beautiful and even near magical.  Indeed, strolling ‘neath a canopy of colorful, thriving trees in a true tree tunnel on a summer afternoon can be a truly enjoyable experience.  Some of the tree tunnels are happy coincidences.  Some tree tunnels grow naturally.

Other tree tunnels are formed with a bit of assistance from some talented, patient professional gardeners to be certain they work within their surrounding urban environs.  Indeed, while trees do grow slowly, they are surprisingly receptive in terms of having their growth altered.  With a bit of strong, persistent force, even trees can be modeled into various shapes.

But natural or not, tree tunnels can often cast their spell upon visitors who stroll under their lush boughs.  Some sources claim that there are tree tunnels that are so impressive that they down through the years they have inspired various architects to create incredible arches or even a stunning vaulted ceiling in some olden gothic cathedral.

Furthermore, a number of ancient societies thought trees were sacred.  They even carefully maintained holy groves of ancient trees.  When you visit the beautiful places pictured in this article you will no doubt understand why.    

1.  The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

This atmospheric tunnel of beech trees is located on Bregagh Road between the villages of Stranocum and Armoy in County Antrim.  It was made famous from its use in the popular HBO television show Game of Thrones.

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