Why are we here? Ask some of our hardcore readers and they will tell you to travel worldwide and see everything they can. With so many stunning sights to see, it can be difficult to draw up your bucket list. To help you narrow your choices down a bit, in no particular order, we offer you this list of 20 excellent worldwide bucket list destinations.

Worldwide Bucket List Destinations

1.  Ireland

The famous Emerald Isle is certainly a must-see. Whether you’re into friendly locals, magnificent, mysterious castles of old that seem to have an almost haunting sense of romanticism or other ancient, noteworthy sites as Newgrange and the memorable natural beauty of the country’s coasts, Ireland is definitely a magical, majestic location that is worthy of a spot on anyone’s personal bucket list.

2.  Glacier National Park, USA

You will find the great Glacier National Park in the state of Montana. Here you can see the pretty turquoise-tinted glacial rivers and lakes. You can also see the rough, jagged cliffs that rise above the clouds. This area is aptly nicknamed the “Crown of the Continent” and the numerous natural wonders there could possibly make you feel as if you are in a dream world.

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