1Subwing Diving

Do you like adventure but are not overly athletic and have no suicidal tendencies? Are you looking for the next crazy stunt destined to be included in a new Mountain Dew commercial? There are a lot of exciting adventurous activities out there that require no athletic skill and are low-risk too. So read on dear traveler, and learn about 14 awesome activities that won’t kill you but might make you look silly!

1. Subwing Diving

Riding on a dolphin’s back is so last year! Thanks to modern technology you can BE the dolphin. The relatively new subwing equipment consists of a pair of independently moving “wings” joined in the center.

The apparatus is connected to a boat with a cable. The rider holds the wings as the boat moves slowly through the water. The wings can be adjusted to propel the rider up to the surface, deeper down into the water or even in a 360° roll. The rider must be able to hold his/her breath in between moves to the surface and keep holding on to the wings.

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