Looking for the perfect beach vacation to escape the chill of the season? The Caribbean truly offers you more bang for your buck. Sure the Dominican Republic and Jamaica remain popular favorites for both their easy accessibility and the amenities-filled resorts.
As they say on those late-night TV commercials: “But, wait, there’s more!” Indeed, there’s culture, food, scenery, and overall value. So without further adieu, here’s a list of several Caribbean islands with the most value for travelers. ​

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is a frequent location on any list of top Caribbean destinations. This is an island offering a number of value-packed deals, especially in the summertime. It’s also reported to be “an easy book-and-go” island destination.
The most conveniently-located beach town for most visitors is Negril. Accommodations vary from the popular all-inclusive resorts to luxurious cliff-top cabanas. If you prefer Treasure Beach in the south, you can experience a stay in a genuine Jamaican fishing village.
This isle also offers enough affordable entertainment, food and outdoor excursions as well. Whether it be leaping into a big blue hole or rafting down an island river.

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  1. Why don’t you include Cuba, eh?
    Ah, Because of the criminal embargo, right?
    Let me tell you that Cuba is one of the most beautiful, friendly and safe place to visit in the Caribbean and beyond!!!!

    • Hi!
      As to your question it simply did not make the list. I did an article on the top 20 airlines and one I expected to be on it was not in the top 20 and yet it made the top 25. That’s about it really. It simply did not quite make the list.
      Thanks for reading my stuff.

    • Lol really I guess you do not travel much most people who travel know Dominican and Cuba are close to the bottom for beaches ,the article is about beach vacations!Lots of people say they love Cuba then you ask where they have been and they can only reply with 2 or 4 destinations

      • Hello,
        You are welcome to your OPINIONS and claims yet you know nothing about the writer so please do not assume anything concerning our staff. Please note the title of the article. This piece has a specific focus that you are not addressing.
        Thanks .

    • It’s not even a real zip line. It doesn’t go across the falls. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I live here. It’s disappointing. I have been on real zip lines in the rain forests. This is like a carnival ride

      • Hi!
        You lost me. The article is about Caribbean islands with the most value for travelers. You are allegedly a local who happens to like some other zip lines over others. OK then.
        You are not the bearer of any news good or bad. You are the bearer of an opinion. You are welcome to your opinion. Thanks for reading my stuff!


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