If you’re going to be in England and enjoy live music then you need to visit London.  In London, you’ll be able to hear everything from popular local performers, and obscure indie bands to some of the most famous acts in the industry.  Here are London’s best live music venues.

Half Moon in Putney

Located on Lower Richmond Road, this pub opened its doors in the early 1960s.  It focused on folk music and featured such performers as John Martyn and Ralph McTell.  It’s grown to include acts from other genres including the blues, rock, soul and indie music.

The Rolling Stones used to play here and U2 played its first sold-out show here.  Kate Bush debuted at this place and Steve Marriott and Elvis Costello once had residences here.  Every night you’ll see acts ranging from unsigned artists to soul man Geno Washington.

The Dublin Castle in Camden

Madness played here at 94 Parkway in the 1970s.  It became the home of the local rockabilly scene in the 1980s.  Ever since the 1990s, this has been what some would call both a haven for indie acts and a “toilet” venue for bands working their way onto the charts.

Hit the place during the yearly Camden Crawl, April 18th, and 19th, and catch a well-known performer.  Amy Winehouse performed there.  Any night you can make it though you will see a minimum of three sets for under eight dollars.

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