Are you heading to Los Angeles, California this summer?  With all the choices, are you wondering what to include on your itinerary?  If so, check out our top ten list of iconic activities.

10. OUE Skyspace LA: The Skyslide

Enjoy a 360-degree view of the city from California’s highest open-air observation deck.  Almost 1,000 feet above L.A. at the U.S. Bank Tower, the OUE Skyspace opened in 2016. Dedicated to the community, and culture of the city, its highlight is the Skyslide.

The Skyslide is almost four feet wide and 45 feet long.  Constructed of 1.25-inch glass, you can slide from the 70th floor to the 69th floor on this one-of-a-kind ride the outside of the tower.  See the “City of Angels” in a way few ever do.  

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  1. This are some horrible places in L.A. Begin native from here there much better nicer places to vidit

  2. Hello,
    If I understand your comment correctly, your personal opinion is that today in 2021 you feel there are other places to visit than the places that made the Top 10 most popular things to do list. Unfortunately, because our lists are based on specific criteria and statistics, sometimes not all the choices suit every single reader. Never fear, no doubt if the list would have been longer some of your own personal choices might have actually made the cut.
    It is also possible that some things to do that you like were not even available when this list was sourced and written. If it’s any consolation, I live here too and I can think of one or two places I would put on the list as well.
    Again, it’s about meeting a set of specific qualifications and less about perosnal preference. Thanks for your comment.


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