When its summer, you want to cool off at a swish, relaxing and rejuvenating pool that makes you feel all glam and sexy! Get summer ready for these incredibly special beaches that are known to be the largest, meanest, swankiest and quirkiest pools you’ll ever find. From infinity pools at ultra luxurious resorts and to hot spring pools to crocodile cove pools – we’ve got it all covered! Hey, some of these are their region’s best kept secrets that we are now leaking out for our readers! So Get your best swimwear out, apply that sunscreen and get ready for the time of your life in the world’s top 12 pools.

Infinity Pool at Hotel Caruso

The reinstated 11th century palace appears to float on the terrace just over the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy sweeping, 180 degree vistas of Italy’s countryside mountains with the sea kissing this massive infinity pool. Hey, and it’s not all water and horizon. You can ask the helpful concierge to get you nice drink, while you soak in the pleasant, balmy waters of Hotel Caruso’s Infinity Pool. One of the world’s best infinity pools, this one hypnotizes you in the first instance. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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