1Seashell House

While people generally live in regular looking brick and mortar homes that are fairly normal, the world is filled with absolutely jaw dropping homes that feature inspiring structure, artistic composition and design. These are all beautiful and ingeniously envisioned homes that win owing to their unique appeal.

There’s everything from bubble homes to shoe shaped homes to seashell homes that dazzle. And you’ll also see the world’s smallest house, in addition to a skateboarding home. If that’s not enough, cliff homes, glass bottom homes and Flintstone houses give you a delightful glimpse of the world’s artistic ingenuity.

Here are some of the most jaw dropping homes that totally defy your imagination as well as reality. Of course, you’ll get a ton of ideas for your own homes too. Indulge, we say! Go on and witness these marvels that are one of a kind.

1. Seashell House

Nestled in Mexico, the Seashell House is replete with stunning mosaic walls that light up in dazzling colors for one of the most visually captivating light and color show you’ll ever see in a home. Shaped like a Seashell, the home is as breathtaking from inside as it appears from out. The seashell house is aesthetically charming, and wins for its sheer designing and decorating ingenuity. Cute as a bottom, gorgeous as a bombshell. It’s magnificently unique. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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