Do you enjoy all things Italian? If you’re considering going to Italy, then read on fellow travelers. To help you avoid any potential misunderstandings, here are 14 things you need to know before you travel to Italy.

The 14 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel to Italy

1. The Coperto Charge 

At the end of your visit to a bar or restaurant, there seems to be an additional charge, don’t assume you’re being scammed. It’s probably a coperto charge. A “coperto” charge is actually a cover charge.  

While it may be listed in English on some bar and restaurant checks, on others it will appear as “coperto.” Veteran visitors state the charge is usually one to five 5 Euros depending on the specific establishment, and in restaurants, it typically covers the cost of bread for the entire table. Additionally, because of the coperto charge, your servers will not expect you to tip them.  

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