1Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia 

An international research team tallied that there are approximately 117 million lakes found in the world. Lakes can be found anywhere, but the natural ones are mostly found in mountainous areas. There are also those found in the flat cities but natural causes or commercialism may have caused some of them to get dried out.

One of those places that home the best lake towns in the world is Europe. Lakes are undeniably popular destinations for travelers because of its unique appeal. Like most bodies of water, there is something about the lake that allows you to bond with nature in a timeless and calm way. Hence, we listed down 10 Best Lake Towns in Europe that should be on your bucket list.

Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia 

Picture a magical lake with a castle perched right at the heart of the basin. That is the kind of scenery that Lake Bled provides. This tourist destination is located in the northwestern part of Slovenia. The magnificently broad waters are of 6,960 ft in length and 4,530 ft in width. Adding to the centerpiece of the attraction is the small island where the pilgrimage church is situated which furthers the scenic backdrop. The mountains and colored lush trees around the lake create a dramatic effect on the whole Laketown.

Activities like row boating, hopping into a pletna, or simply ringing the church bells are some of the things to experience. But of course, always savor the fresh air and the picturesque location in one of the best lake towns in Europe.

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