If you like the idea of seeing the world’s natural wonders, then fret no more, dear reader.  Get out your pen and travel bucket list!  Here are 18 natural wonders that show just how unique the planet Earth truly is!

1. Crooked Forest, Poland

You will find this interesting forest, full of real, crooked trees, in the quaint town of Gryfino,  in Pomerania, in northwestern Poland.  Sometime In 1930, roughly 400 pine trees were planted here.  To this day though, no one has solved the mystery of how these trees grew crookedly.  

Still, this riddle has helped make this forest a popular place.  Some refer to it as being nearly “a landmark of massive tourism.”  The trees are certainly well-known.  While many people refer to it as “the Crooked Forest”, it’s Polish name is Krzywy Las.

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