There are a lot of cool places to visit on the planet, but have you ever looked beyond the surface?  This column will remind you that the world has a lot of unique locations underground too.  So in hopes of inspiring you to dig into things when planning your next trip, here are the top 15 underground places to visit on Earth.

1.  The Marble Cathedral, Patagonia in Southern Chile


Travelers will discover the impressive Marble Cathedral located on lovely Lake General Carrera in Patagonia in Southern Chile.  Once you’re actually inside, you can’t help but be impressed by this marble that was once mere limestone.

This cathedral’s striated interior takes on beautiful blue hues.  This is because the lake’s turquoise waters are reflected onto them and blend with the stone’s whiteness.  In order to see the inside of the magnificent Marble Cathedral, you can either try kayaking or sign aboard one of the boat tours offered there.

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