Wooden you love to check out some tree-mendous trees? If you’re a fan of forests, then plant yourself right here, dear readers. Whether it’s branch-loving goats or technicolor trunks, leaf your cares behind and check out our list of the most awe-inspiring trees on Earth.

The Most Awe-Inspiring Trees On Earth

1.  Redwoods, USA

You will discover these trees in the popular Redwood National and State Parks, in California. This complex of officially-protected forests is located along the northern coast of the state. These giant, old-growth redwood trees tower above travelers, a number of them have been here for hundreds, even thousands of years. Perhaps the most impressive of these towering trees is the 600-year-old Hyperion. This impressive redwood is the tallest living tree on the planet and stands 380 high.  

2.  Argan Trees, Morocco

These trees have thorny branches and wide canopies. You can see them all over Morocco’s southwestern landscape, especially between the cities of Agadir and Essaouira. These trees are very strong, can endure desert temperatures, and live to be up to 250 years old.  

Mind you, not all of their fans are two-legged. The local goats just love the fruit these unique trees bear. In fact, you can often spot them precariously perched amidst the branches.  

They serve as more than a tourist attraction though. The trees also reportedly contribute to the production of one of the nation’s valuable argan oil. They eat the fruit and spit out the oil-rich seeds.  

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