Are you vacationing in the USA from late March through June? Are you hoping to visit some of America’s best national parks? If so, then read on fellow travelers, as we present the 20 best national parks to visit in spring in the USA.

The 20 Best National Parks to visit in Spring in the USA

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

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The Rocky Mountain National Park is not only one of the best parks to visit in the spring, but it is also one of the best places to visit in the state of Colorado and rates a double entry!  Visiting before June means you’ll beat the crowds. The snow is melting, the waterfalls are once more starting to flow, the flora is coming to life again, and the resident animals are giving birth.

Spring is when this national park is most diverse. It’s a time when you can enjoy the snow at the higher elevations or hike through newly flowering meadows. Indeed, if you’re into hiking Spring is the best time to take such treks as the Beaver Mountain Trail Hike, the Horseshoe Park Hike, and the Upper Beaver Meadow Loop.

Yes, some hiking trails are covered with snow until May but you can always rent snowshoes in Grand or Estes Park. If you want to enjoy the scenic Trail Ridge Road, get there in the middle of May. Into flowers? The wildflowers bloom as early as late April on lower-elevation trails like Ouzel Falls or Nymph Lake. 

Snow lovers can do some Spring skiing there. It’s better than winter for several reasons. You have longer days, warmer temperatures, quieter, less crowded slopes, and the prices are cheaper as well.

If you prefer a blend of both skiing and hiking, Spring’s an exceptional time to go snowshoeing through the park. It’s also a great time for newbies to try it. Remember, there’s a required reservation system from May 28th through October 28th.  This is also a fine time to try staying in one of Colorado’s incredible treehouses too. 

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