Are you traveling to the US to explore the great Southwest? Are you going to spend time in the state of Utah? If so, the town of Kanab could be a great home base!  

Not only is Kanab nestled amidst a number of noteworthy national parks, but you will discover several off-the-beaten-path opportunities available to you. Still skeptical? Then check out this feature focused on 11 breathtaking things to do in Kanab, Utah.

11 Breathtaking Things To Do In Kanab, Utah

1. Go To The Great Chamber

Image courtesy of roam-ourdoor.com

Some travelers are drawn to this place simply from seeing a picture. Mind you, the drive there is not effortless. If you like off-roading though and have the proper vehicle, you should be fine on the sandy roads leading to this attraction.

If you don’t have the proper vehicle, don’t stress. You can sign on for a professional tour. A good guide will get you there in a timely manner, advise you on how not to overly disturb the sand there, and even take a picture of you if you ask nicely. Locals report that most tours begin at 9 a.m. so try to book one earlier and you will beat the others.  

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