The world is a wonderful and sometimes even unknown place. Even today, our world still contains artwork, temples, and cities about which we know little. Their secrets have seemingly vanished in the proverbial mists of time. Indeed, thousands of years after their creation, there are still numerous ancient unsolved mysteries of the world. Here are some of them. 

Ancient Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

1.  What Exactly Do The Carnac Stones Represent?

Local legend has it that the megaliths known as the Carnac Stones are in actuality the totally petrified remains of a long-ago Roman legion that was turned to stone by the legendary wizard Merlin. Nestled in Brittany in northern France close to the village of Carnac, this 40-hectare area is home to almost 3,000 standing stones that harken back to between 3,000 to 4,500 BC. These hand-hewn granite stones are up to 6.5 meters high and had to be moved as far as 50 kilometers.  

Scientists and historians still are stymied. One theory is that they were ancient earthquake detectors. Others think they are calendars or astrological devices. Still, others believe the stones formed a temple honoring the dead. 

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