During the 18 and 1900s, a lot of places in America were abandoned.  Whether it was due to the end of the Gold Rush, the collapse of industrial sites after the Gilded Age, natural disasters, or just a bizarre twist of fate, they all have backstories.  Here then, without further ado are abandoned towns across the USA that you can still visit.

Abandoned Towns Across The USA That You Can Still Visit

1.  Kennecott, Alaska

The discovery of $200 million worth of copper and the founding of Utah Copper Company in 1903.  The Guggenheims and J.P. Morgan helped establish a “self-contained company town,” complete with a skating rink and tennis court.  In 1938, the copper mines were running low, and the mines were closed.  Today, it is a National Historic Landmark located in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

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