Barring any reak winter storms, Texas truly is a great place to visit. Those in the know say there are many “amazing destinations” worth seeing. So if you’re in the US and looking to stay stateside, you’ll want to seriously consider the lonely Lone Star State. So, without further ado, here are the 25 top places to add to your Texas bucket list.

1.Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is perhaps the state’s most popular national park. It can be found on the border of Mexico and the western section of the state. The park is most famously the home of the Chisos mountain range.

Experience the phenomenal stargazing, Go camping, hiking, or rating through the Santa Elena Canyon. You can even take a relaxing dip in the popular Langford Hot Springs.

2.  Galveston  

This beach was once home to an encampment of the nigh legendary pirate named Jean Lafitte. It was also where the first Juneteenth, which freed the slaves in the state and other portions of the South years after the historic Emancipation Proclamation.

Now trackers experience the history through ghost and historical tours. They also go to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk, historic Strand Street and see the Victorian architecture.

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