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There is something special and even historical about the great American road trip.  Indeed, taking recent world events into account, road trips may even be more attractive to travelers concerned about flying.  If you also enjoy the variety of national parks, then have we got a trip idea for you!  Without further ado, here are the best US national park road trips to take any time.

The Best US National Park Road Trips To Do Anytime 

Centennial National Park Road Trip

This column was inspired in part by a nearly 15,000-mile road trip completed by road trip optimizer Randy Olson in 2016.  He spent two months visiting the 47 national parks located in the conterminous United States.  The trip went from southern California to northern Montana, Maine to Florida, and all places in between too.

Travel experts agree, that if you decide to attempt this same trip, that you start at Acadia National Park in the fall, and then hit Southern Utah and Texas next when the heat is “less oppressive.”  Can’t afford two months off?  Try shorter road trips to these national parks.

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