1010 Best Beaches in The United States of America for the year 2021

Our ability to travel has been stunted for a while; so it’s definitely time to go somewhere! In the US, people are more than ready to hit the beaches. If you’re looking to avoid the major tourist attractions and would prefer some soft sand, summer breeze, and relaxing, rhythmic waves, then get ready to take notes, fellow travelers.

According to a recent Tripadvisor survey of 2,330 travel lovers in half a dozen countries, 60 percent of said travelers are “very likely” to take a trip to the beach sometime this year. The following list of “best beaches” is actually based on website reviews, traveler ratings, and (to a much lesser degree) our personal picks. Yes, recent events are still impacting travel in several different ways, and beaches may not yet be offering visitors all the otherwise expected amenities, as this goes to press things are improving on a daily basis. Here then, are the top 10 US beaches, starting with number 10.

Kailua Beach Park, Kailua, Hawaii

As expected, the popular tropical paradise of Hawaii slots in five times on our top ten chart. Coming in at number 10, is the breathtakingly beautiful Kailua Beach Park on your rovin’ writer’s birthplace, the island of Oahu. The park spans 30 acres and includes a two-mile-long beach and a green, grassy picnic area, a boat ramp, volleyball court, and even a few food stands. This is a longtime favorite vacation spot for ex-President Barack Obama who often rented this huge home near here.  

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  1. These beaches look so inviting!
    Although, I may never get to see them in person, they’re awesome.
    Are there any cool beaches on the gul coast?

    • Hi!
      Yes! Search for “beaches” as I have wirtten a few articles that might work for you.
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