Ice skating in the nippy winter air can be an exhilarating feeling. From Canada to Switzerland, winter chillingly changes lovely lakes into spectacular natural ice rinks. So if outdoor ice skating appeals to you, check out our list of the world’s most beautiful lakes for ice skating.

1.  Lac de Joux, Switzerland

Image courtesy of Pinterest

You will find the enormous alpine lake, Lac de Joux, at an altitude of nearly 3,300 feet, in the Jura Mountain Region in Switzerland, not far from the French border. It becomes Europe’s largest natural ice skating rink in the winter. The lake is ringed by a forest that in the colder months has a barren, frost-tinged beauty.

During the peak months of February and March, many visitors come to this special spot in the Jura Mountains. Indeed, the lake is so vast that speed skating here is truly thrilling.

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