From ravishing snow-capped alpine slopes to charming, storybook pretty villages to glistening turquoise lakes, there’s just no beating Switzerland’s fairytale beauty. Enjoy world-class activities and international resorts in this popular European hotspot. Here are 6 must do Swiss attractions. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. Me and my family members took a package tour of Europe for ten days in a bus travel which included Zurich and Lucerne, wonderul stay, memorable for lifetime. Mt. Titlis is best mountain visit. Those who can plan an exclusive visit to Swiitzerland for a fortnight will enjoy nature to fullest extent.

  2. Quite a generic list I’ve seen before and all tourist traps. A shame none of the areas in the French or Italian speaking regions were featured. Your writer needs to research /explore further…

  3. Hello,
    It says “Bucket List” for a reason. If you have been there more than once I would agree that you might want to see something new. I have been to England three times and there some places there that while popular I would not need to see again. By the same token, your use of the word “generic” could easily replaced with the term “popular.”
    You are welcome to your anonymously-posted opinion, of course, but again the phrase “tourist trap” could also be replaced by “popular place.” Some people only get to travel to a country once and for them it might be a good idea to see your so-called “tourist traps.” Thanks for your anonymously-posted comment and reading our stuff! (I am, of course, only assuming you read it.)

  4. Hello! « Bucket List » est de l’argot. Il se réfère à une liste de choses que vous voulez faire ou des endroits que vous voulez aller avant de mourir ou « kick the bucket.: J’espère se traduit par ce que je n’ai pas écrit Français depuis que j’étais à l’université. Merci pour votre soutien!


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