“I’ll have a room with a view/What sights I will see there…” 

Seasoned travelers know that your accommodations can often make all the difference. With that thought in mind, we found some unusual and amazing rooms with a view. Without further ado, here are 15 hotel rooms with the best views in the world.

15 Hotel Rooms With The Best Views In The Whole World

1.  The View Hotel, USA

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Arizona Office of Tourism

This hotel is aptly named as it is reportedly “all about the view.” It is owned by the Navajo people. It’s also the first hotel to be erected on official tribal park property. The building was specifically designed to pretty much blend in with the landscape.

Veteran visitors suggest setting your travel alarm clock early so that you can catch the sunrise above majestic Monument Valley. Every room here includes its own private balcony from which you can see the multi-colored sandstone rock formations called the Mittens. Enjoy stargazing? Request a Star View room up on the top floor.

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