There are times when every one of us craves to spend solo moments. This precious time that we spend all by ourselves is special because we are totally disconnected from the world and in tandem with our inner selves. It is the time to let our hair down and do what makes us happy.

There’s nothing except silence and the sound of nature (think rustling woods and chirping birds). Here’s a list of homes that are completely hidden from public view and make for a fantastic “me time” retreat.

1. Penthouse in a Rock (Beirut, Lebanon)

The idea of having a home built in a rock was absolutely unthinkable to some, which is why the project wasn’t deemed practical at first. However, over a period of time when an image of the project was put on the internet, investors began to show a huge interest in the project. Eventually, the project was taken over by a local real estate agency.

The home boasts of features such as a glass bottom pool and cliff top. Now that the construction of the place has started, it has been thronged by buyers looking for off-beat and unique living abodes that offer unusual and calming experiences more than anything else. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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