Just because you are paying heavy-duty student loans doesn’t mean you should enjoy exploring the world around you while you are energetic and healthy enough to do it. It is a myth that travel is expensive and all about luxury.

You can comfortably travel on a shoestring and witness the world’s delights by planning smart, looking for steal deals and making the most of destinations that offer more value for money. One such wonderful region is South East Asia.

Not only is it naturally beautiful, but also culturally rich, offers great food, plenty of shopping, endless adventures, and amazing value for money. Its sheer versatility and greater bang for the buck attracts plenty of western travelers. Here are 10 of the best South East Asian destinations to backpack through even while paying off your student loan.

1. Singapore

Singapore is a fascinating melting pot of cultures that is set against the background of ultra futuristic skyscrapers, swish resorts, world class family entertainment destination and innumerable shopping choices for all budgets. You’ll probably savor the best Asian street food in the bylanes of Singapore (especially China Town and Little India). Believe it or not, a Singaporean street food stall has been awarded a Michelin star. Check out spectacular skyline views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Visit Manhattan, Regent Hotel’s in-house bar that was named the continent’s top bar. Singapore is a treat all the way. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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