“We gotta get out of this place/If its the last thing we ever do”The Animals (1965)

Honestly, we know you’re tired of the pandemic. We are too. Unfortunately, the fact is some countries are still not open to travelers from around the world. We know we miss traveling to some countries, how about you? Here then, is a list of places that we miss traveling to the most.    

12 Countries We Miss Traveling To The Most

1.  Argentina, South America

You will find Buenos Aires, arguably one of Latin America’s cultural capitals, here in Argentina. It is here you will discover the Argentine tango, appetizing asados, and delicious grilled meats. Some travelers, including US citizens, are not permitted into the country as this goes to press. Travel experts confirm there are no present plans to fully reopen any time soon either. Since the start of the pandemic, the country has racked up at least 5.25 million cases of COVID-19.

2.  Australia

Australia has had multiple lockdowns and conducted a reportedly “heavy vaccination campaign.” The powers that be hope to reopen the place before December. So vaccinated travelers will once more be able to see wild koalas and kangaroos, experience the outback, and even go snorkeling or scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. According to Our World in Data, at least 62 percent of Australians have already received a minimum of one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.  

3.  Bulgaria, Europe

Red zone countries such as the US, are currently barred from entering Bulgaria. However, if you’re a citizen of a red zone country, you can still visit Bulgaria provided you enter from an orange or green zone nation. It might be a challenge and yet Bulgaria has a noteworthy culture and beautiful scenery and cities–such as the capital, Sofia. Bulgaria has had more than 491,000+ cases of COVID-19 and nearly 25,000 deaths. 

4.  Hong Kong, China

US citizens coming from the US are not presently permitted into Hong Kong. Indeed no one is allowed to travel from a red zone nation–such as the USA–to Hong Kong for the foreseeable future. This is unfortunate since Hong Kong is home to ancient temples, incredible skyscrapers, a hip art scene, and Disneyland Hong Kong. It’s also the best place to enjoy Chinese culture with a Brit influence. There’ve been only 213 COVID deaths.

5.  India, South Asia

India was hit hard last year and has suffered 446,000+ fatalities. Thus, the country has not yet been reopened to tourists. Before the pandemic, millions of travelers enjoyed the food, ancient culture, and, of course, the Taj Mahal. Less than 45 percent of the population has received a minimum of one shot and less than 16 percent is fully vaccinated.

6.  Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania

American citizens can’t visit this renowned “wellness vacation destination” yet without a valid visa. Indonesia is famous for its ancient temples, lovely landscapes, and some of the best beaches on the planet. COVID fatalities have passed 141,000 and 31 percent of its residents have had at least one vaccination.

7.  Japan, East Asia

The famous 2020 Olympics and Paralympics piqued interest in traveling to Japan. Yet as this goes to press in October 2021 tourism is still not permitted. Those events may be over but there remains so much to see there including the arts, the culture, food, nightlife, some of the largest cities on earth, and even a great place for the disabled. So while we may be anxiously anticipating the official reopening, experts say it “could be a while yet.” After all, the virus has taken down more than 17,000 people. Almost 69 percent of the locals have been given at least one shot. 

8.  Kazakhstan, Asia

Perhaps a lot of people might find this entry to be surprising. Nevertheless, veteran visitors know that this relatively new nation is home to numerous noteworthy attractions. Here you will find deserts, mountains, scenic plains, a “futuristic capital city”, and a distinct diverse combination of cultures ranging from Turkish to Russian. There have been 816 COVID deaths and at least 34 percent of the citizens are fully vaccinated.  

9.  Madagascar


The island nation of Madagascar is not currently allowing any tourists traveling from the US into the country. That’s sad since here you can discover some of the world’s most striking flora and fauna. Madagascar is where you will find five percent of the entire planet’s biodiversity. That’s why so many lovers of plants and animals normally travel here to participate in exciting expedition-style adventures. Even though 958 people died from COVID-19, the country still only has under one percent of its citizens even partially vaccinated.

10.  Malaysia, Southeast Asia

Malaysia is home to incredible beaches, jungles, and a mix of Asian and British influence. Its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, offers both futuristic skyscrapers and colonial buildings to explore. Currently, American citizens cannot travel to the country for tourism purposes. Malaysia has had over 25,000 deaths due to the pandemic, though 60 percent of its population is currently fully vaccinated. 

11.  New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings film franchise was shot here. Now not only hikers but film buffs are drawn here to enjoy the stunning natural geography, complete with the famous rolling hills of The Shire and the rugged volcanic mountains of mighty Mordor. Ah, but now this attractive island nation has some of the world’s strictest pandemic regulations and border policies. These regulations are credited with keeping the virus death toll down to 27 deaths. Additionally, at least 67 percent of the residents have received a minimum of one shot.  

12.  Norway, Northern Europe

Your rovin’ writer can confirm that Norway is a great country to visit. It features majestic mountains, icy fjords, and wonderful winter scenes. It’s also a good place to see the world-famous aurora borealis.  

Sadly, Americans looking forward to traveling here will have to wait unless they are immediately related to citizens of Norway. The officials in Norway have no plans to change these restrictions in the near future either. They have suffered the loss of 850 people. As this goes to press, at least 76 percent of the total population has been given at least one shot.


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