Each year Skytrax compiles a list of the world’s best economy class airlines that offer a wonderful overall flying experience to passengers. Though first class and business class hogs a lot of attention owing to its flamboyance, economy class is what really matters to a majority of consumers who are looking for cost effective transport options.

This is where a maximum number of flyers spend their time and money. It is a given that airlines will seldom screw up where business and first class services are concerned. However, since economy class is all about basics, it has a greater scope for customer dissatisfaction and complaints.

Airlines who offer top notch services to economy class customers are therefore winning customers for life if they do it right. Here is a list of the world’s best economy class airlines (in nor particular order).

14. Air New Zealand

So what makes Air New Zealand so special? Several factors. For starters, they’ve exercised plenty of innovation, which is rare in economy class. There’s constant upgradation of amenities. It is no surprise then that it was Air New Zealand that first introduced couches in economy class airlines. It offers solo travelers and couple the alternative to convert their seat into a full bed, along with a mattress pad.

Even seats that don’t score a full row offer healthy padding and a decent 33 inches pitch. You won’t believe you are traveling by economy class when you savor the airlines’ delicious food and wine. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. The Emirades from Lisbon to Dubai and Cape Town and back is terrible.
    The place small
    The wc so dirty
    And the service at board is not good
    And the assisted not nice
    It was the first time that I traveler in Emirades because the tell me it was very comfortable ,but is a mistake and now people said that are no good
    The table are dirty
    I Make the travel at December 9 and back at 6 January 2018


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