We’re often asked by adventure and wanderlust struck women about the safest destinations to travel solo. While all places on earth are spectacular in their own way, some destinations make you feel increasingly secure, safe and positive as a solo woman trying to the explore the planet. There’s little fear about venturing out alone or enjoying a drink at the bar by yourself. Though all destinations demand that you exercise basic safety rules (not venturing alone in isolated spots after sundown and other similar precautionary measures), some places are far safer and relaxed than others. Here are our expert recommendations of the 10 safest destinations for solo female travelers.

1. Iceland

Iceland is not just determinedly gorgeous; it’s also totally safe, relaxed and comfortable for solo women travelers. From the fun, easy-going nightlife (and live music culture) of Reykjavik to catching up with locals at little-known village communities, Iceland is a bundle of surprises. Sign up for a snorkeling tour of Silfra Fissure or enjoy a thrilling glacier. It’s a sin to miss bathing in the surreal Blue Lagoon and Northern Light phenomenon. Iceland is perfect for outdoorsy, adventure-bitten gals! Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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