Today $100,000 is said to be the “minimum” amount required to truly be “middle-class” in the USA. But what would happen if you took your $100,000 and moves to another country? There are some countries where you’d be considered wealthy if you had that amount of cash. Here’s a list of what that kind of money can get you in 20 other spots across the world.

20. Nicaragua

A source with Numbeo reports that Nicaragua is a good place to be. A good quart of milk will cost you less than one dollar. You can purchase a train ticket for 30 cents. For $100,000 in Granada, you can purchase a beachfront home that would run you at least $1 million. The country’s government is stable, the crime rate is low, and the infrastructure is good too. Additionally, in the past few years, prices have risen so your home investment would build equity too.

19. Ecuador

Have you always dreamed of owning a beachfront condo looking out over the Pacific Ocean? Imagine breezy, warm weather and beautiful neighbors. You can have this for $75,000 but you have to settle in Ecuador.
While critics would note the country is run by an iron-fisted dictator it’s not an issue unless you’re participating in a Marxist demonstration or dealing drugs. The Global Property Guide notes that a house will run you $100,000 but you can score a new condo complete with A/C for anywhere between $75,000 and $95,000. Click On the Next > Button to See Next.



  1. I think ypu have Ecuador and Nicaragtheua mixed up, I was in Quito last year and it has quite a good democracy going. A lovely country with friendly people and as a + the currency is the U S dollar


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