Are you looking for something exciting to do on your next vacation? We can help! According to various sources including journalists, travel experts and online travel agencies such as Flight Network, here are the new list of the 25 “World’s Best Journeys” for the year.

25. Explore Europe via train

Explore Europe on a train. Booking a multi-day trip to tour Europe’s different landscapes and cultures is easy with so many nations so close together. Board a train in London, England. From there you can travel more than 4,470 miles and visit more than 20 countries prior to a final stop in the country of Amsterdam. See such cities as Budapest, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Paris, Rome, and Vienna.

24. Cruise the Nile River in Egypt

Kick back as you sail from Luxor to Aswan. Take in the sights–the monuments, the temples, and the pyramids. These popular Nile cruises run for an average of three to seven nights. The cruise includes several stops where you can stop and check out the local attractions. Veteran visitors suggest booking your trip between the months of October and April when the weather isn’t so hot. Click On the Next > Button to See Next.



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