Are you heading for Florida on your next vacation? Are you looking for something else to do besides going to Disney World? If your travel life no longer revolves around Mickey and friends then, by all means, peruse this piece on 14 excellent other options in Orlando, Florida.

14. Brave riding Universal Orlando’s mega-coasters

Looking for more excitement than what the mouse offers? Visit Universal Orlando features some of America’s most exciting roller coasters. If you’re in search of thrills, visit Universal’s popular Islands of Adventure.

Scream in terror at Doctor Doom’s frightening Fearfall! Get white knuckles from the Incredible Hulk, or get drenched by Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls. Mega-coasters too much for you? Stroll over to Universal Studios.

There you’ll find many attractions that will put you in the movies. Take the behind-the-scenes studio tour. Explore Ancient Egypt (Don’t disturb the malicious mummy!) Finally, experience mayhem amidst the merry minions of Despicable Me. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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