Top Adventure Destinations 

There have been dedicated women’s travel services since the 1970s. Today, women’s adventure travel is more popular than ever. Additionally, the number of women leading trips has also grown. Recently, some of these experts shared their choices for the top adventure travel destinations. Here they are:



Greenland is the largest island in the world. It’s located between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The climate is harsh and the landscape is largely wild and natural. If you’re up to the challenge, you can kayak giant glaciers and admire assorted arctic marine life up close.

Regardless of what you’ve heard concerning climate change, you’ll find more than enough icebergs in the local waters to be impressed. While you may see the raw beauty of nature you’ll also learn something about the locals who focus on how the currents interact with the wind and how could influence the fishing there. In their traditional culture, both sexes play a very important role in the survival of the community.



Peru is located in western South America. The country’s capital is the city of Lima. Peru is more than its most famous, oft-visited landmark, Machu Picchu. The natives will happily remind you of the nation’s versatility.

There is something here in this multiethnic country for every type of thrillseeker. You can go kayaking on famous Lake Titicaca in Puno or relax in the hot springs. There’s also hiking, rafting, and ziplining.

Visitors looking to journey inward can spend time at one of the numerous yoga retreats. Those interested in traveling into the past can explore the archaeological sites. You can even experience life among the locals by going to Cuzco’s Sacred Valley. Immerse yourself in the community signing on for a homestay.


Oman is short for the Sultanate of Oman. It’s a country located on the southeastern coast of the striking Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. The country is reported to be a gorgeous place that’s safe for everyone including women. Most travelers don’t think of Oman as a tourist destination because they have misconceptions, they don’t want to travel that far or they’re concerned about security.

Still, Oman offers travelers more than most people know. It has culture and markets for shopaholics and people still wear traditional clothing too. There are organized tours available and the locals can be very friendly. Foodies will be happy to know that Oman has a diverse cuisine that is influenced by several other cultures.

The Canadian Rocky Mountains


This is actually the Canadian portion of the well-known North American Rocky Mountains. Some women adventurers consider this place to be the “quintessential activity adventure” choice. Veteran visitors generally praise the guides there too.

This place is famous for hiking and climbing but there’s a lot more to see and experience here. You can visit any time depending on your interests. Check out Banff National Park where you can not only take in the turquoise, mirrored lakes and lovely landscape buy go skiing, snowshoeing across glaciers, horseback riding, and even scuba diving. You can also go spelunking in the limestone cave systems and visit the quaint little villages ensconced in the snow-capped mountains as well.



Bhutan is a small, landlocked kingdom situated in South Asia. Those in the know say this isolated nation is the hidden gem of the eastern Himalayas. It does not get a lot of tourist trade partially because of the selective entry process.

Travelers must be certain their visits are pre-registered and prearranged and “go through a vetted known partner in Bhutan.” Mind you, the extra effort is all worth it for the opportunity to go hiking in the famous Himalayas, take in all the historic temples and different UNESCO World Heritage sites, camp in a reclusive valley overlooking a sparkling river, and venture to Paro Taktsang—a.k.a. The “Tiger’s Nest”—perched on the very edge of an intimidating cliff.


India is a nation found in South Asia. It’s the seventh-largest nation by area and the world’s most populous democracy too. This could be one reason why the culture in this country is so surprisingly diverse. Experts confirm that India’s different states, even its different cities, have their own individualistic personalities.

Some recommended favorite stops are Ladakh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Women interested in hiking or mountains in general, should head to Leh Ladakh in northern India. If you’re more into urban adventures, then you need to go to Mumbai where you can discover the developed, more modern aspect of India. There’s a lot of different choices here in India if you know where to look.



Alaska is the 50th of the United States of America. It’s situated in the northwest extremity of the US West Coast. Alaska is actually across the Bering Strait from the continent of Asia. Adventure seekers will love exploring the Alaskan wilderness.

In fact, popular Kachemak Bay State Park is one of the best places to see Alaskan wildlife up close. Mind you, if you want to see 800-pound grizzlies, the safe bet is to go with a bear guide. Bear guides know what they’re doing. The bears are accustomed to people but a guide will give you the confidence to enjoy being only a few feet away from a wild animal who could actually eat you.



Nepal is a landlocked country situated in South Asia. A major portion of it is in the famous Himalayas. Indeed, those in the know say that it is those very mountains that draw travelers to this nation. Much of this country reportedly remains unimpacted by Western culture.

Veteran visitors cite the district of Dolpo and Mustang as examples of uninfluenced areas. Travelers are also encouraged to try to connect with the locals living traditional lives too. Hang out with the native nomadic herders. Have a cup of tea and break bread with some of the locals and relate to them on a simple human level. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries there though so make your plans now.


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