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27 Of The Planet’s Secret Destinations


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Secret Destinations

Are you ready to travel and want to make the most of your trip? Are you looking for a few hidden gems to highlight your adventure? Here then, are 27 of the planet’s secret destinations and activities:

1. Symi, Greece

Symi is a small island off the coast of Rhodes, Greece. Here you’ll find a charming harbor surrounded by striking neoclassical homes. Greece is more than package vacation deals. Its coastline is the 10th longest of any country in the world so there are still many beautiful beaches. Instead of going in the summer, go during spring when parts of the country are actually as lush as the Tropics.

2. Maya Nord, Republic of Congo


Maya Nord is not a luxury travel destination. It is little more than a “bai” (in English “an open clearing”) deep within the forests of the primitive Odzala-Kokoua National Park, located in the Republic of Congo. You’ll travel by plane, automobile, canoe and on foot simply to get to this secret spot. It’s a wilderness paradise complete with chimpanzees, elephants, forest buffalo, gorillas, leopards, and more.

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