It has been more than ten years since J.K Rowling wrote the astoundingly successful Harry Potter series. Not surprising that it became a cult with readers completely addicted to it. They were transported into a world of wizardly, witchcraft, Hogwarts and castles. There is no dearth to the imagination and experiences Potter fans seek. And the world gives it to them on a platter! From magical castles to surreal theme parks to libraries and hotels devoted to Harry Potter fans – it just doesn’t get bigger and better than this. Read further to discover places around the planet that fulfills every Harry Potter’s fan’s fantasy and helps them tick off experiences from their fascinating bucket list.

1.Universal’s Harry Potter World, Orlando

This is where dreams come alive for hardcore Potter buffs. Universal’s Harry Potter World tops the list of wizardry and witchcraft fans all around the world. This unbelievably cool fantasy world not just pays a rich tribute to the series but also features among other things life-like experiences form the book, including Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. People of all ages will unleash the child within them by experiencing the thrill of rides such as Hogwarts Express. Oh! And there’s shopping for Harry Potter paraphernalia at (the gorgeous wands are worth checking out), enjoying a scrumptious meal at the in-house restaurant. Don’t forget to guzzle down Butterbeer at the tastefully done-up Three Broomsticks. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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