These “white elephant” construction projects really cost a fortune! Whether it is deserted palaces, half-completed hotels, or disused Olympics facilities, people spent a lot of money on structures that are no longer used or were never even completed. Check out these big builds that cost billions and are now abandoned.

Big Builds That Cost Billions And Are Now Abandoned

1.  The Maginot Line, France

The Maginot Line was constructed back in the 1930s. France spent a total of 3 billion francs on it, (approximately $3.7 billion today). Named after Andre Maginot, the French war minister, it included fortifications, obstacles, and weapons spanning the country’s borders with Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Germany. It was meant to stop German troops from invading during the Second World War.

The Line was so ineffective the name “Maginot Line” is now synonymous with any barrier that provides people with a false sense of security. It was especially weak in the Ardennes Forest, where military officials mistakenly thought the terrain was too tough for invading German forces. Unfortunately, it was here that German troops burst from the trees to invade France. The underground tunnels under fortifications were great to temporarily train and house troops as they included eating areas and were air-conditioned but the project was too expensive.

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