18 Ancient Cities

The high design of modern metropolises is often an awesome sight. Nevertheless, there is also something to be said for impressive ancient destinations where the structures have stood for literally hundreds or even thousands of years. Here then, in no particular order, are eight ancient cities to add to your personal travel wish list.

1. Tiwanaku, Bolivia


The city of Tiwanaku is located near famous Lake Titicaca within Western Bolivia. This pre-Columbian adobe city was founded circa 500 AD. Still standing today, it was once the official capital of a strong pre-Hispanic ancient empire that controlled a huge portion of the well-known southern Andes and beyond.

It reached its pinnacle sometime between 501 and 899 AD. Today this ancient metropolis might look a bit more than a modern art installation than the powerful city it once was. The mighty monumental remnants represent a physical tribute to the political and cultural import of the civilization. Be sure to take a guided tour of the popular sandstone Pyramid of Akapana and all the temples too.

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