Ever wonder where the rich and famous go on vacation? Many of them own vacation properties in some of the world’s most beautiful places. Others rent luxurious accommodations that include all the expected amenities Here then, without further ado, are 15 of the hottest vacation spots enjoyed by the rich and famous.

15. Lanai, Hawaii

The Oracle founder, Larry Ellison, is worth over $59 billion and owns many attractive homes. In 2012, however, he bought 98 percent of Lanai for $300 million. There are two Four Seasons resorts and world-class golf courses in Lanai.

You cannot stay at the famous Four Seasons Resort Lanai for less than $1,075 each night. In 1994 Bill and Melinda Gates were married here. In 2016, Ellison had the popular Four Seasons Resort Lanai remodeled. Other celebs that favor this hotspot include the likes of Derek Jeter, Cindy Crawford, and Will Smith. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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