Hiking may sound like a big challenge to amateur adventurers, but to trail runners and mountaineers, it’s actually the weakest outdoor sport there is. Some people long for adventure, adrenaline, and some spectacular views. Mind you, more challenging, adventurous, dangerous hikes are not for the faint of heart.  

There are hikes that are both risky and intimidating. Some of these dangerous hikes involve cliff sheers, deadly water currents, narrow trails, and even encounters with wild animals. If you’re looking for a challenge and are not a novice, here, in reverse order, are the 11 most dangerous hikes in the USA.

The 11 Most Dangerous Hikes In The U.S.A. 

11. The Mist Trail, Yosemite National Park, California

You will find yourself at an elevation of 4,000 feet on this hike. This signature hike at popular Yosemite National Park begins at Happy Isles, shuttle stop number 16. It is a moderately difficult hike that will take between two to five hours to complete depending on how far you choose to go.

It is a three-mile round trip hike to Vernal Fall and a seven-mile round trip to Nevada Fall. There are restrooms on the trail and water is reportedly available but experienced hikers know it’s best to carry your own water supply. The previously mentioned falls are nothing short of spectacular and are reportedly a combined total of 900 feet in height. Enjoy the view of the Liberty Cap, Nevada Falls, and the rear of Half Dome from the Muir Trail.  

Be a good scout and always be prepared for this (or any other) hiking challenge. Perhaps surprisingly, the waterfalls and the cliffs are not connected to the majority of the deaths here. It is actually the mighty river current. The river might appear to be less dangerous, but hikers have slipped, fallen, and been swept away in the deceptively deadly stream.

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