Europe is a huge continent full of numerous possibilities and with one week there, you may need help in creating your perfect itinerary. Our staff has consulted online sources and fellow frequent flyers to narrow the options down to 25 different ways to spend a week in Europe. These itineraries strike a balance between being just busy enough that you get to do a lot in a short period of time, but not so fast that you will feel like you’re in a race.  Thus, here are 25 excellent itineraries for one week in Europe.  

1 Week In Europe: 25 Excellent Itineraries

Info On These Itineraries

If you’re planning a trip to Europe and have seven days, you can visit two big cities or one big city with day trips.  If you’re planning a road trip through one small region in Europe and have one week, it’s possible to do so. However, with only seven days, you’ll have six full days for sightseeing. While it’s tempting to see as much as possible, adding more cities to your itinerary will result in losing roughly half a day in travel time.  The itineraries on this list are designed to help you do a lot in a short period of time without feeling like you’re always in a race.

1. London And Paris, UK And France  

Undoubtedly a trip to both London and Paris is a nigh-classic European trip and it is perfect for first-time visitors.  You can visit the famous, world-class Louvre and British Museums, stroll along the Champ-Elysees, and climb the iconic Eiffel Tower too.  These two grand cities are easily connected by train, so this trip is easy to plan and can be done at any time of the year.  You’re sure to make some marvelous memories!

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Land in London, England

Days Two and Three: Tour London

Day Four: Last Full Day In London

Day Five: Take the train to Paris, France in the morning

Days Six and Seven: See Paris

2. Paris And Amsterdam, France And Netherlands

This trip is also quite wonderful for first-time visitors to Europe.  You can visit world-class art museums in both Amsterdam and Paris, see some incredible landmarks in Paris, and stroll hand-in-hand along the canals in Amsterdam.  It is very easy to connect Paris and Amsterdam with the popular high-speed Thalys train. What more? This particular travel itinerary actually works great in either direction.

Travel Itinerary

Day One:  Arrive in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Days Two and Three: Tour Amsterdam

Day Four: Take the morning train to Paris

Days Five and Six: See Paris

Day Seven: Leave Paris

3. Rome And The Amalfi Coast, Italy

There are a number of different ways to spend a single week in Italy.  (Indeed, you will see a few of them in this very article).  Spend a week in Italy by splitting your time between Rome and the Amalfi Coast. 

Start your trip in Rome where you can explore the ancient city’s many highlights such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and Monti. Then take a train to the Amalfi Coast and visit Pompeii along the way. Spend three magical days on the Amalfi Coast and Capri before flying back home from Rome.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Rome, Italy

Days Two and Three: Tour the city

Day Four: Travel to the Amalfi Coast and visit Pompeii

Day Five: Set out on an Amalfi Coast road trip

Day Six: See Capri

Day Seven: See Sorrento, return to Rome at night

4. Florence And Tuscany, Italy

Spend a week exploring the very heart of Italy.  It is home to some of Europe’s best art museums.  Florence is beautiful and there are a lot of things to do there too.

You can wander around the city and climb towers, go shopping for souvenirs, and eat genuine gelato.  Next, travel to Tuscany and book a room in a Tuscan villa or in one of the quaint hill towns like Siena.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Florence, Italy 

Days Two and Three: Explore Florence

Day Four: Arrive in Tuscany, Italy

Days Five and Six: Tour Tuscany

Day Seven: Leave Tuscany, go back to Florence/Rome, fly home

5. Rome, Florence, And Venice, Italy

If you don’t mind a bit of a busy, rushed schedule,  you can visit Rome, Florence, and Venice in seven bustling days with or without a tour.  You’ll need to make the most of your time by flying into Rome in the morning.  Next, you spend two days in the city.  You take a train to Florence and then take another one to Venice.  You can explore both of the cities with or without a tour but you will need to be organized if you do it yourself.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Land in Rome, Italy in the morning

Days Two and Three: Explore Rome

Day Four: Catch the morning train to Florence

Day Five: See Florence

Day Six: Catch the morning train to Venice

Day Seven: Goodbye, Venice

6. Barcelona With Day Trips, Spain

Barcelona offers visitors numerous opportunities. With three days in Barcelona, you can visit the Gothic Quarters. You can also visit Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila, and Park Güell. Be sure to dine on tempting tapas and see the stunning sunset from a local rooftop bar.  Spend your remaining days exploring nearby towns such as Montserrat, Girona, Costa Brava, and possibly even Cadaques and Tarragona.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Barcelona

Days Two through Four: Explore Barcelona

Day Five: Day trip to Montserrat

Day Six: Day trip to Girona

Day Seven: Last Day/Day Trip to Costa Brava 

7. Lisbon And The Algarve, Portugal  

Spend a week in Portugal and experience the best of both worlds by splitting your time between the superb southern coastline and Lisbon. Begin your trip with three days in Lisbon, spending one of those days on a day trip to sunny Sintra. Take a road trip on the Algarve coast.  Hit the beach, see Benagil Cave, explore some saltwater lagoons, and visit the local fishing villages.

Travel  Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Lisbon

Day Two: Explore Lisbon

Day Three: Day trip to Sintra

Day Four: Road trip to the Algarve

Days Five and Six: Explore the Algarve

Day Seven: Last chance in the Algarve, return to Lisbon at night

8. Lucerne And The Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

If you enjoy beautiful areas in Europe, consider the Jungfrau region of Switzerland. It’s located at the foot of the Bernese Alps.  The region is named after the highest mountain here: the Jungfrau.  

This is a big tourist destination in Switzerland and the Alps, renowned for its majestic mountains and lovely lakes like Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.  Go hiking, skiing, paragliding and more.  Spend a day exploring lovely Lucerne too.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Land in Zurich, go to Jungfrau 

Days Two through Six: Explore Jungfrau 

Day Seven: Take an early morning train to Lucerne; spend the night

9. Vienna, Salzburg, And Hallstatt, Austria

Embark on a magical journey through Austria’s three most beautiful cities. You begin your trip in Vienna, the home of cute cafes, the Habsburgs, the opera, world-class museums, the Opera, and exceptionally delicious pastries.  After Vienna, you can travel via train or take a road trip to Salzburg and Hallstatt, two picturesque towns that are nestled nearly next to each other.  

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Vienna

Days Two and Three: Tour Vienna

Day Four: Travel to Salzburg in the morning and explore

Day Five: See more of Salzburg

Day Six: Visit Hallstatt

Day Seven: Head to Munich or return to Vienna

10. Munich And Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is beautiful.  It’s also the perfect destination for nature lovers and history buffs alike. Start your journey in Munich.  If you’d like to participate in Oktoberfest, the best time to visit is the end of September.  

Next, take a road trip to Bavaria and the towns in the area.  See the Alps from Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany.  Tour the storybook palace of crazy King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Munich, travel to Berchtesgaden

Day Two: Tour Berchtesgaden

Day Three: Drive to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Day Four: See Neuschwanstein

Day Five:  Visit Zugspitze

Days Six and Seven: Last two days in Munich

11. Ireland Road Trip

Start your trip in Dublin and see the sights.  Next, hit the rugged western coast.  See the Rock of Cashel too.  Hike the Cliffs of Moher, cruise the Ring of Kerry, and dine on fish and chips.  Enjoy a pint of good Guinness at a little local pub.  Visit in the summer and see Skelling Michael Island!

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Dublin

Day Two: Drive to Killarney, visit Rock of Cashel

Day Three: Visit Ring of Kerry and/or see Skellig Michael 

Day Four: See Dingle Peninsula

Day Five: Go to Doolin

Day Six: See Cliff of Moher

Day Seven: Galway, return to Dublin

12. Croatia And Montenegro

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a stunning stretch of coastline that spans from Dubrovnik in the south to Zadar in the north.  It is home to breathtaking islands, dramatic scenery, and charming walled towns worth exploring.  While you could spend a week exploring the coastal towns, you should also visit Montenegro.  It’s a beautiful country next to Croatia.  Don’t miss Biogradska Gora National Park or Sveti Stefan.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Dubrovnik, drive to Split

Day Two: See Split

Day Three: Visit Hvar or Brac

Days Four and Five: Tour Dubrovnik

Day Six: Visit Kotor, Montenegro

Day Seven: Return to Dubrovnik

13. Paris And The Alsace Wine Region, France

Foodies and wine lovers should consider combining two of France’s most popular destinations in a one-week trip.  You can tour Paris for three days then take a high-speed train to Colmar.  Rent a car there, take a road trip through the Alsace wine region, and then return to Paris on the train. 

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Paris

Days Two and Three: Tour Paris

Day Four: Take the train to Colmar

Days Five and Six: Explore the Alsace wine region

Day Seven: Return to Paris via train 

14. The Lofoten Islands, Norway

Norway’s Lofoten Islands is a place where magnificent mountains meet brilliant white sand beaches, fishing villages dot the coastlines, and hiking trails crisscross through some of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes.  This is a great way to spend one week in Europe if you enjoy hiking, the great outdoors, or taking pictures of stunning landscapes.  If you’re a hiker, the best time to visit is in the summer.  If you want to see the northern lights, wait until the winter.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in the Lofoten Islands

Days Two through Six: Explore islands

Day Seven: Fly to Oslo, fly home

15. Warsaw And Krakow, Poland

Explore two of Poland’s most popular cities as well as take a day trip or two.  Travel between these cities in either order via train.  In Warsaw, you can sample Polish food, walk through the historic old town, and get a history lesson at the museums.  

Krakow is a popular place for folks touring Poland.  It features budget-friendly restaurants, colorful streets, historic sites, and a massive market square.  Take the impressive Auschwitz-Birkenau day trip too.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Warsaw

Day Two: See Warsaw

Day Three: Go to Krakow

Days Four through Six: Tour Krakow

Day Seven: Take the Auschwitz-Birkenau trip

16. The French Riviera, France

The south of France is known for its beautiful coastal cities, vineyards, glamorous beaches, and one of the best cuisines on the planet.  Time your visit right, and attend the Cannes Film Festival or the Monaco Grand Prix.  Spend your week on the French Riviera and explore the coastal towns. Alternatively, you can take a two-day trip to Provence.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Nice

Day Two: See Nice

Day Three: Visit Villefranch-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Day Four: See Monaco and Eze

Day Five: Explore Antibes and Cannes

Days Six and Seven: Explore more of the  French Riviera or see Provence

17. Edinburgh And The Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Edinburgh is a city that is really easy to explore on foot.  Tour a castle, learn about whisky, climb up a volcano, and see where author JK Rowling got her inspiration for her famous Harry Potter books.  Take a scenic drive through the country to the popular Isle of Skye. There, explore the rugged, misty landscapes, look for fairies, and sample some fresh seafood.  This trip is also great for kids.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Edinburgh

Days Two and Three: Explore Edinburgh

Day Four: Go to the Isle of Skye

Days Five and Six: See Isle of Skye

Day Seven: Return to Edinburgh

18. Copenhagen And Stockholm; Denmark and Sweden

Tour two Scandinavian cities, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Copenhagen is known for its colorful buildings, and fabulous food scene, and can be explored on bicycles.  Visit one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, Tivoli Gardens!  In Stockholm, you can see City Hall, explore the charming streets of Gamla Stan, and learn something about the famous Nobel Peace Prize. Visit in the summer and see more of Sweden via a day trip to Sandhamn.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Copenhagen

Days Two and Three: Visit Copenhagen

Day Four: Fly to Stockholm

Days Five and Six See Stockholm

Day Seven: Visit Sandhamn, Sweden

19. Greece

You should fly directly to Santorini so you can start your island-hopping holiday right then and there.  There are several stunning islands from which to choose.  There are three isles, however, that are very easily visited via ferry.  Mykonos and Santorini are fantastic for first-timers, but Ios, Naxos, and Paros are must-see places as well!

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Land in Santorini

Days Two and Three: See Santorini

Days Four and Five: Visit Naxos

Days Six and Seven: Visit Mykonos

20. London And The Cotswolds, England 

Spend several busy but memorable days exploring London. Once you have your fill of city life, take a trip out into the countryside.  Visit the rugged, 5,000-year-old Stonehenge, the historic, spa town of Bath, popular Oxford, the city of spires, and Cotswolds and its scenic villages–Woodstock, Lacock, and Bourbon-on-the-Water. 

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Land in London

Days Two and Three: Tour London

Day Four: See Stonehenge and Bath

Days Five and Six Visit Cotswolds

Day Seven: Back to London

21. Iceland

Iceland is a cool, small country that offers some of the best outdoor experiences in Europe. With just one week in Iceland, you can embark on an epic road trip, walk on a real glacier, witness the northern lights, visit countless waterfalls, explore the lovely landscape of the Highlands, chill in a hot spring, stand on an actual volcano, or hike some of the world’s most scenic trails.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Iceland, See Blue Lagoon

Day Two: Visit Reykjavik

Day Three: Go to Golden Circle

Day Four: Take Landmannalaugar Day Trip

Days Five through Seven: See the South Coast of Iceland

22. Budapest, Vienna And Bratislava; Hungary, Austria, And Slovakia 

Here you spend a single week in Europe exploring the two beautiful cities of Vienna and Budapest, with a day trip to the charming and overlooked city of Bratislava.  All three of these cities are joined via direct trains, making it easy to plan your trip.  You can actually fly into Budapest and even fly home from Vienna or vice versa.  Whatever works for you! 

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Land in Budapest

Days Two and Three: Explore Budapest

Day Four: Go to Vienna

Days Five and Six: Visit Vienna

Day Seven: Take a Bratislava day trip from Vienna

23. Ljubljana And The Julian Alps, Slovenia

This small, mountainous country is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.  Explore the karst caves, visit Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, hike the Julian Alps, and stroll through lovely Ljubljana. This trip is perfect for hikers, families, and anyone who enjoys road trips.  Enjoy the scenic gorges, the picture-perfect lakes and majestic mountains, and Triglav National Park.  Slovenia is truly a hidden gem that’s just waiting to be discovered!

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Ljubljana

Day Two: See Ljubljana

Day Three: Take a day trip to Predjama Castle and the Škocjan Caves

Day Four: Visit Lake Bled

Day Five: See Lake Bohinj

Day Six:  Visit Vintgar Gorge

Day Seven: Hike in the Julian Alps

24. Berlin And Prague, Germany And Czech Republic

Experience the best of both worlds by combining a pair of world-class cities with an exceptional, memorable road trip.  Your adventurous journey begins in Berlin, a diverse metropolis that is rich in culture and history.  Explore its beauteous squares, historical sites, and world-class museums.  Get a rental and take a drive to Prague.  Don’t forget to visit Rakotzbrucke, the fairytale bridge, and the striking Bastei Bridge too.  Conclude your one-week tour in the stunning city of Prague, where you can wander through its charming streets and immerse yourself in its unique, lively atmosphere.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Berlin

Days Two and Three See Berlin

Day Four: Go to Rakotzbrücke and Bastei Bridge, sleep in Dresden

Days Five Through Seven: Enjoy Prague

25. The Norwegian Fjords, Norway


Explore the landscapes of southern Norway.  This trip is perfect for your bucket list if you enjoy scenic drives, beautiful landscapes, and hiking in other countries.  Embark on an unforgettable journey through southern Norway. Start your adventure in Stavanger, a charming small town that’s the perfect base for two amazing hikes: popular Pulpit Rock and cragged Kjeragbolten.  

Head to the town of Odda.  Hike Trolltunga, a rock formation that looks like a troll’s tongue.  Next, visit Flam.  Enjoy a scenic train trip on the Flamsbana to Myrdal.  Lastly, end your visit in Bergen.

Travel Itinerary

Day One: Arrive in Stavanger

Day Two: See Kjeragbolten

Day Three: Hike Pulpit Rock, drive to Trolltunga

Day Four: Explore Trolltunga

Day Five: See Flam and Myrdal 

Day Six: Road trip to Bergen

Day Seven: Last Day in Bergen

Have a good trip…whatever you decide!


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