Luxury floating homes are truly redefining yachting life . . . especially since there has been an increase in storms. If you want to know about aspirational life in this alleged age of global warming then read on, by all means. The Florida-based company named Arkup believes people should enjoy a new view from their window every week.
How? All you need is an off-the-grid, self-elevating, luxury floating house. Arkup suggests a floating, two-story yacht that can also serve as a modern, glass-paned home.
According to an official press release: “Floating houses are popular ways of living in some parts of the world.” This is especially true in “the Netherlands, US West Coast cities and South-East Asia.”

Photo By: Arkup

The business recently unveiled its Floating House Self-elevating System, a ritzy, off-the-grid yacht that comes complete with numerous high-end features and amenities.
Arkup sees their new, modern double-decker units as something that is part residence, part boat and nothing at
all like any previous houseboat anyone has ever seen. The units are powered by solar power and twin electric thrusters. These yachts stand on retractable hydraulic legs capable of stabilizing and lifting them 20 feet out of the water during a surging storm.

Photo By: Arkup

Each yacht has a pair of “twin 136-horsepower electric azimuth thrusters” that can actually rotate 360 degrees to move around at a top speed of seven knots. When on the move the deck retracts. It even comes with a boat lift to get your support boat out of the ocean.

This 4,350-square-foot yacht also harvests rainwater from the roof that also includes a 30-kilowatt solar panel array which feeds as much as 1,000 kilowatt-hours into the onboard lithium batteries. Inside there’s a communications suite that includes 4G, Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, and VHF radio. There are also real wood floors and a sun deck that can be lowered into the ocean to create a protected sea pool.

Photo By: Arkup

There is also one wall that has floor-to-ceiling windows so that passengers can see the ocean when the weather is less than accommodating. The interior is designed so that the owner can make it a residence, a gym, a restaurant, a day spa, a vacation home, a party or event venue.

Perhaps that is what really makes a “liveable yacht” like this a value. It would make an incredible self-contained, aquatic traveling business.

Photo By: Arkup

Critics claim that considering that this expensive-looking floating house is still new, it’s difficult to estimate just how much a business owner would have to invest to make use of a “liveable yacht” or even exactly how consistently resilient this ultra-modern dwelling truly is. Nevertheless, the company’s designers believe that it is “as stable as a house” and actually impervious to most bad weather. They say it can reportedly withstand the 155 m.p.h. storm winds of “a category 4 hurricane.”

Arkup concludes that the yacht can be anchored in a lake or river or docked at a marina to provide passengers with beautiful views regardless of how high ocean levels rise.


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